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A Typical Dormitory Day

The alarm clock rings, the day begins.

For most students the lessons begin with the first class period. For higher secondary level students this can be different, due to the course system teaching. Our deans know their students well and are aware of which ones manage to get up on time or which ones need an extra wake-up service.

Our campus, the adjoining pastures and forests invite to an early morning jogging. After that – or non-joggers even earlier – our students freshen up and get ready for a healthy breakfast.

During the week, our cafeteria opens at 6:45 a.m. The breakfast buffet offers a wide variety of foods: several cereals, cheeses, spreads, jams, fresh fruit and breads. For drinks there are milk, soy milk, tees and juices available. The cafeteria is, of course, also a meeting point for dormitory students - to quickly pick up a piece of fruit for the break or to discuss the last details of the presentation to be given soon. Then the school day can start.

Being a student …

For a student, the “working day”  begins with a short time for reflection or devotion at the beginning of the first class period. A student or teacher reads a short text, a bible verse or a poem. After that, the various lessons begin. During the breaks, the students get some exercise by moving from classroom to classroom and school building to school building. Two longer breaks invite to lounge on one of the lawns or to buy a tasty vegetarian sandwich from the kiosk.

Lunch break. After that – duty calls.

After lunch with salad buffet, soup, main dish and dessert the biological afternoon slump sets in. The mind is lazy and not particularly awake – the best time for some physical labor. Every dormitory student has to clean a certain area in his or her dormitory or another building. After half a year, he or she is assigned to a different area. Behind this is a pedagogic as well as a practical concept. To pitch in is a natural part of community life, it helps also to develop independence. Education in the dormitory goes beyond academic teaching because our students obtain also competence in everyday matters.

Afternoon – studying part 2

After the physical work our students get back to their original job: studying. Our organized study time (“Lernbüro”) supports students from Monday through Thursday in their efforts.

Dinner and devotion time – transition to a more relaxed part of the day

Dinner is also served in the cafeteria. The buffet offers different breads and spreads, crudités, sometimes leftover cooked food from lunch. Toaster and microwave are available; one of the students’ favorites is home-made cheese toast.

Devotion time is spent in two different ways: Mondays and Wednesdays together with the whole dormitory „family“, that means girls and boys meet in the devotion room. It was decorated by students and deans and serves as an ideal place for a half-hour devotion that creates another resting point in the busy daily life. There is also the opportunity to discuss common topics and ideas. The speaker is a teacher, a student or a guest speaker. On Tuesday evening devotion time is spent in groups in each dormitory in the presence of a dormitory dean.

About twice a year the devotion time is used for a topic from the series “Fit for Life”. When our students are leaving our institution, we want them to be fit for their future lives – equipped not only with a good leaving certificate but also with know-how in everyday matters. Whether style counselling, time management, love and partnership, internet dangers, money handling, treating others with respect –all these topics can be addressed in “Fit for Life”.

And now – leisure time

Our school is like a living, growing and ever changing organism. There are a variety of activities that change year by year, depending on the interests and preferences of the students attending the school at the moment. The following areas are covered by various offers:

  • Social commitment: Energy Agency Marienhöhe, preparation and realization of a development aid project
  • Writing: working in the school paper team
  • Sports: fitness room, weight room, volleyball, basketball, soccer, sports tournaments
  • Music: various choirs, band
  • Sociability: “Juice Bar”, cooking club, gala event, youth camps
  • Excursions: swimming, sports climbing, shopping tours, go-cart driving, Christmas market
  • Spiritual: media-scout training, bible studies, church services for young people, praise and worship evenings

Living together with so many other young people is what makes dormitory life special. Therefore, it is no wonder that most dormitory students name being together with friends one of their most popular leisure activity. Meeting new people, doing something together but also being deeply engrossed in conversations – all this ranks among the unforgettable possibilities of dormitory life.

At the end of the day …

With all the new friends and so many recreational offers on the campus the evening always seems too short. To ensure that our dormitory students get enough sleep, we have different age-related curfews. In general, the house gets quiet between 9 and 10 p.m., the corridors get empty and the dormitory deans take care that the students come to rest. Those who do not need to go to bed yet are reminded not to disturb the others.

This calm atmosphere is sometimes also used by the deans to discuss one or the other topic or to ask how somebody is feeling. Needless to say, the purpose of going through the house in the evening is also to make sure that all students are where they are supposed to be. It helps the dean on duty to a better sleep!

In both dormitories there is a dean on duty during the night who sleeps in a clearly labeled room and can be addressed in emergencies.