Freitag 19.1.
Unterricht bis 9:55 Uhr, danach Notenkonferenzen


Fellowship cannot be “created”. A community grows with the appropriate framework. We are convinced that transparent, explicit and fair rules are the framework that give young people confidence in togetherness. Here, too, our mission statement is the basis for our educational goals but also for the way towards them. We consider our rules as guide rails that emphasize what we want and what we do not want.

If rules represent the guide rails of pedagogic efforts, relationship is the supreme discipline. Through different socializing activities and conversations we want to establish a trust-based relationship with our young people. Our interest in a young person and his well-being, honesty and authenticity are the foundations of a relationship that keep up even in difficult times.

We also try to have a positive influence on the relationships between our young people. If needed, mediated discussions create an awareness that agreements are not only necessary but it is also shown how they are reached without one being the loser.

Ideally, a young person leaves our school not only with a good academic qualification but also with social skills, capacity for teamwork, self-acceptance, and the willingness to commitment for fellow men, environment or society.