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Higher Secondary Level (Sekundarstufe II)

The Higher Secondary Level is based on the pedagogical work of the elementary school and the Lower Secondary Level (Sekundarstufe I)/Intermediate Secondary School (Realschule). The goal is to make students fit to study at a university. To achieve this goal, students are led to a mature and reflective dealing with knowledge in various areas. The written and oral Abitur examinations include reproductive, reorganizing and judgmental parts. It is equally important to deepen the adoption of values which enable a person to a humane interaction with oneself, with others and with creation and to discover personal affinities in preparation for academic studies and professions.

Introductory Phase 1 + 2 – arriving on the Higher Secondary Level

In the first year, students from different types of school adjust to the learning on the Higher Secondary Level. This is supported by additional teaching periods in German, English, Mathematics, Biology, Sports and Religion. During the whole school year the students are taught together as one class. The admission to the Qualifying Phase after the completion of the Introductory Phase is decided on the basis of the academic performance in the Introductory Phase.

Qualifying Phase (Q1 – Q4)

In the Qualifying Phase, the minor subjects are taught in courses of two, three and four hours per week, the major subjects in five hours per week. Each course has a specific subject area. For the minor and major subjects of the Qualification Phase there is an online election procedure.

Two major subjects must be chosen. Major subjects can be offered according to requirements: German, English, Latin, French, Fine Arts, Politics and Economics, History, Geography, Religion, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Sports. One of the major subjects must be a foreign language or Mathematics or a Natural Science.

All other conditions for die admission to the Abitur examinations can be discussed in a personal interview with the tutor.