Eating & Drinking

Our cafeteria offers vegetarian food, supplemented by eggs and milk products. Occasionally we also serve fish. We mainly cater for our boarding school students but guests are always very welcome. Many of our day students who have classes in the afternoon take their lunch in our cafeteria. Even parents who pick up their children after school use the option.

The breakfast buffet offers a wide variety of foods for a healthy start of the school or work day: several cereals, cheeses, spreads, jams, fresh fruit and breads. For drinks there are milk, soy milk, tees and juices available.

Lunch consists of several courses which can be freely combined. Usually there are two main courses plus soup, salad bar, fruit, dessert and snacks. For drinks we offer several fruit juices. Our fresh spring water is free.

For supper we offer green salalds, vegetarian spreads, cheese and a variety of breads. The choice of drinks is similar to breakfast. Sometimes we serve special dishes like rice pudding with fruit sauce, quiche or other hot food that is left over from lunch.