Basic fees 2019/20

Primary School

Annual Fees | Monthly Rates
3.624 EUR | 302 EUR

Mid-level Secondary School

Annual Fees | Monthly Rates
4.416 EUR | 368 EUR

Highschool Lower Secondary Level
(forms 5 - 10)

Annual Fees | Monthly Rates
4.260 EUR | 355 EUR

Highschool Higher Secondary Level
(E1 - Q4)

Annual Fees | Monthly Rates
4.416 EUR | 368 EUR

Tuition and Boarding

Annual Fees | Monthly Rates
25.080 EUR | 2.090 EUR

German Language Course

Annual Fees | Monthly Rates
1.800 EUR | 150 EUR

General Fees

Enrollment Fee | Residence Deposit
480 EUR | 250 EUR

Payment terms

  • The annual fees are payable per school year. In the federal state of Hessen this is from August 1 till July 31. In general, the annual fees are divided into 12 equal monthly rates, regardless of the beginning of instruction in the respective school year.
  • In the final year, the annual fee might be divided into 10 adjusted higher monthly rates and one final rate (a total of 11 rates), due to the date of the final exams.
  • Sibling discounts on tuition: 1st and 2nd child 15 % each, 3rd and each following child 40 % each.
  • Please inquire about discounts for members of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Media library

During opening time, the use of our modern media library with a wide variaty of books, magazines, videos and computer/internet facilities is free of charge for all students. A fee is only charged for overdue books and media.


For our boarding students all meals are included in the boarding fees. Many day students join in for lunch with usually two main courses, salad bar, soup of the day, fruit, dessert and drinks. Seasonal dishes might be added. Prices as assigned.


In the federal state of Hessen all textbooks used for instruction are freely supplied and can be borrowed from the school. Exceptions are workbooks which the students have to buy. All students receive a student ID card which has to be presented when borrowing or returning the books.