As a school community we not only study and teach together but we also celebrate the numerous highlights during the course of a school year. In various events groups of students and adults reshuffle again and again. We get to know each other better and discover hidden talents in others as in ourselves.


Graduation is the first big landmark in a person’s life. At our school it is a tradition to celebrate this event together with our students.

School assemblies

In the regular school assemblies we share important events, experiences and information and discover special hobbies and talents of our students.

Project weeks

At the end of each semester we have a project week – days with a different kind of instruction. During the winter project week we concentrate more on theoretical skills, in the summer project week practical skills are dominant.


Just before we start into our summer holidays we have a big party to which not only our students but also their parents are invited. Students present their projects of the previous project week and parents help to organize a big cake buffet in our cafeteria. Before Christmas there are various smaller and bigger activities in classes, pathfinder groups or in the boarding school to bring us in a Christmas spirit.

School excursions

Regularly our students go on school excursions with their teachers. They apply what they have learned in the classroom and in turn bring back new skills, experiences and impressions for their instruction. Often they visit our partner schools in England, France and Spain but they are also heading for other destinations. Their accounts are always enthusiastic and full of exciting and funny stories.

We offer a number of such stimulating tours: excursion days, language trips and student exchange, class and graduation trips, sports trips, development cooperation.


Marienhöhe students take part in various competitions, very often with great success:

  • European competetion (German, fine arts)
  • Fine arts and architecture contests
  • Fotography contests
  • Reading contests
  • Climat protection contests
  • Youth training for the Olympics
  • Student play acting contests local, regional and national
  • Mathematics contests