Spiritual Life


Many Marienhöhe employees and students confess to the Christian faith. As Christians we know that through God’s love we are wholly accepted, appreciated and empowered to live our lives in freedom and responsibility. With our school culture we want to offer young people the possibility to get to know a God who loves them unconditionally. Daily morning worships, regular religious services and the participation of all students in religious instruction are part of our school routine and are perceived as enrichment. In addition, there are the offers of the local church, the program of the church youth group, the Marienhöhe pathfinder group and the praise and worship evenings once a month.

Every September we welcome a new 1year4jesus-team on our campus. It is a group of young people doing a voluntary year of social service. They organize various events for our school as well as nationwide. This project is sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany.