Media Library

Our media library is part of the daily school life. Each grade level takes part in at least two special library study units per school year. These units include reading skills as well as media literacy. The supply of books and other media covers all school subjects and provides also the possibility to find Christian answers to all kinds of questions that arise in school and in personal matters.


  • Modern, friendly rooms with comfortable lounges and a special reading area for the younger children.
  • Large stock of nonfiction books for all grade levels on all fields of knowledge and school subjects that is continuously updated with new media of all kinds. This offer is supplemented by free access to normally fee-based online portals and research databases specifically suitable for students which can be used in the media library as well as at home.
  • Magazines and newspapers from different fields which by subscription are always available with the latest editions.
  • Reading, watching and hearing material for browsing and relaxing for all age groups with a focus on Christian literature that is not or only rarely available in other libraries.
  • Online catalogue.


Immersing into completely different worlds by reading a book - to arouse this spirit of adventure the media library regularly invites authors. How do you write a book? Where do the ideas come from? Can you get rich as an author? Our students can personally ask all these questions and many more when authors come to visit us and give us a few exciting hours by reading from their latest books.

In the Summer Reading Campaign during the summer break all students from grade 1 to 9 can participate. They have to read at least three books from the media library and show in a short interview that they have actually read them. At the end of the campaign there is a party where they receive a certificate which they can use to impress their German teachers and they participate in a lottery with attractive prizes.

The reading circle "Young Critics" consists of students from grade 7 upwards which meet once a month to select the newest books, to read and evaluate them.