As certified „Health Promoting School“ we care about the mental and physical well-being of our students. We are convinced that good health and successful learning go together. Various facilities and actions contribute to a healthy studying environment, e. g. our green campus with play equipment, the basketball field, the multipurpose playing field and the teachers’ room principle where the students walk across the campus several times a day in order get to their next instruction rooms.

The drug prevention seminar for the students in 6th grade promotes cooperation, self-assessment and self-confidence and informs in an age-appropriate way about drugs, addiction and possible causes. The most important points of what they have learned are repeated in a one-day seminar in grade 8.

Violence prevention starts already in grade 5 with the subject “Conflict Resolution Training”. In grades 7 a whole week is dedicated to the subject of violence prevention with topics like definition and forms of violence, prejudices, legal aspects, dealing with negative emotions, developing alternative strategies.

Our student medical service consists of students trained in giving professional first aid when there is an accident on our campus or on student trips.

A healthy lifestyle includes healthy food, preferably homemade. Students of all age groups use our teaching kitchen regularly to learn from their teachers how to prepare tasty and wholesome dishes.